Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Steam Holiday Sales for today!

So I thought, Im going to make a little overview of the Steam holiday deals for today.
So first off we have:

F.E.A.R Collection - All the F.E.A.R games and DLC's for a fairly cheap prices so I would really recommend this one because the games are very good!

Call of Duty: Black Ops - I would defenetly not recommend this. The game isnt even that great but it is good. The thing is you could get it for a lot cheaper price from some website and then just activate it from steam. But if you have alot money and you like CoD, then buy it.

Prince of Persia Franchise - All of the Prince of Persia games for a good price, I would reccomend this. If you really like these kind of games then buy it. If you don't then pass on them.

Solar 2 - I don't know alot about this game. It is very different from other games but I guess if you are into these kind of games then buy it because it is very cheap. If you want to know more about this game, use google.

Sequence - Never heard of this game so I cant recommend this. It does have a extremely good price tag, but if you are interested then google it!

Terraria - Definitely recommend this game. It does get repetitive pretty quickly (atleast for me) but for that price this is a excellent game!

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2: Complete Pack - This is a really good game and I would recommend this. It does have a decent price even though Australians do get screwed over a bit.

Disciples 3 (Both games) - I would not really recommend these games. From what Ive heard these games are not the best and they do not even have a decent price. If you are into these kind of games then sure, you can buy them.

Cities in Motion - I do not really have a opinion on this game, but I guess if you do like these kind of business simulator games go for it.

Star Wars Games - Most of those games I would really recommend if you are a fan of the franchise, which most of you are I guess.

Gothic Franchise - Gothic games are pretty good games and for that price I would recommend em.

 Stronghold 3 - Do not buy this game. Atleast I would not recommend this game because it is fairly boring and Stronghold 2 is alot better. The game doesn't even run that good on a decent computer.

That is it guys :D, I hope you like'd it and as long as Steam loves us, have fun playing!

One of a kind

So today was really a one of a kind day. Since I am unemployed I sit all day in my room and play video games... But today I decided Im gonna take a break from Battlefield 3 and go outside. So I step outside and what do I see? A hippie bus is parked in front of my house and some crazy hippie is talking about something to my neighbour. I decided to check out what is going on. Since my mother was a hippie and she was also at Summer of Love, she always told me how all the summers should be like that. I gained a bit respect for hippies thanks to my mom. So I asked the hippie what is he doing here. The man asked me to come with him. He wanted to drive around the county and spread peace and love. I just think he is crazy but I always wanted to just chill out and take a ride through the country. So I told him I will consider his offer. He told me he will be back here tomorrow to pick me up. I am like so exited! But anyway, after that I went to the shop and bought a few drinks. When I came out a man came running at me like crazy. He accidently bumped into me and alot of stuff rolled out of his jacket. The shops security guard came and told me that I just helped him catch a shoplifter. I was like what the hell, but I didn't make a big deal out of it. So I went back home and watched TV for the rest of the day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Yay! I created a blog...

I thought that everyone is blogging these days so why not try it myself.